Rosely is a warm and serene color palette and design system based on millennial pink.

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The core of Rosely is a total of sixteen, carefully selected, low contrast pastel colors inspired by millennial pink for a eye-comfortable, but yet colorful ambiance.

Rosely has soothing contemporary colours designed to induce calmness and serenity and works well even on lower contrast displays. It is not eye fatiguing as it avoids high contrast colour changes and helps the eyes to focus on what is important.

Complementing these colours is a design system that emphasises clarity, simplicity and elegance.

Currently, the design system has been implemented in a number of websites, as well as themes for popular applications. In the future, the design system will include customised React components, and potentially other UI artefacts.

What is Rosely?

Explore the Rosely colour palettes in the Colours and Palettes section.

Why do I want Rosely?

Explore the concepts and motivations behind Rosely in the Concepts, Principles and Motivations section.

What can I do with Rosely?

Currently, you can use Rosely in your own projects or designs, and also use a Rosely theme for your favourite application.

Last modified 2021-01-03: New colour system and drawings (fcd8627)